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Holistic Trauma Therapy in NJ + NY

healing the impact of trauma - mind, body, and soul

Feelings Forward Wellness only offers virtual services at this time.

Specializing in Childhood Emotional & Physical Neglect


Our experiences in childhood shape who we become as adults. While physical and emotional abuse can leave lasting scars, what about neglect? The absence of care in childhood can be just as damaging and long-lasting as other traumas. But because this form of trauma is not always obvious, it can be hard to know what its impact has been.


Neglect, unlike abuse, is what you should have gotten in childhood but didn’t receive. Have you ever felt that your caregivers failed to notice, attend to, or respond to your needs? Was it unsafe to express yourself as a child and now you struggle with assertiveness? Do you have patterns such as having difficulties with vulnerability, externalized self-worth, seeking unavailable relationships, or people-pleasing?


Traditional talk therapy may not be enough to address the deep-rooted effects of neglect. Feelings Forward Wellness specializes in a holistic approach to trauma treatment that goes beyond talk therapy. We offer a range of therapies such as EMDR, IFS, Ketamine Therapy, Yoga Therapy, and more to help you change negative impacts stemming from neglect.


Are you looking to...

  • improve your relationships

  • restore self-worth

  • build confidence

  • learn assertiveness

  • change self-defeating beliefs

  • release trapped emotions

  • create positive changes in your mind and body

At FFW, we can help.

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